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| Fri May 29 2020 | edited Fri May 29 2020

Hi, my name is Daniel and I make stuff.

My face will temporarily be hidden...

What I do

I am a web developer who works mostly with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I do know a little bit of Python, Java, Swift, and Lua, but I have the most experience in JavaScript.

I first started out playing Minecraft, and got really interested in command blocks. This is evident if you look at my YouTube channel and scroll down to my earlier videos. Minecraft's command blocks are very great for learning to code because Minecraft is essentially a computer. It still amazes me what the Minecraft community has created with the game.

In the past couple years, I have gotten interested in Kahoot! Kahoot was a fun game that I enjoyed in class and I eventually learned that Kahoot! had an 'API' for using it. I stumbled across kahoot.js which at the time was barely working. I created a fork, watched the Chrome Dev tools while playing Kahoot and fixed it up as kahoot.js-updated

What projects have I made?

You can visit most of my projects on GitHub but here are a few of my favorites:


Lucas - Lucas

jeg hedder Lucas

Thu Apr 08 2021
kevin - sike

sike i lied i do not know what this means

Mon Mar 22 2021
tayla - 9234607

hi can not do it

Wed Mar 10 2021
dany - HOLA K ACE


Fri Feb 19 2021
mmm - no se

télécharger kahoot hack

Fri Feb 19 2021
Qwerty - Does the web creator still work?

hi, I been trying to use the web creator for a while (https://kahoot-win.herokuapp.com/creator/), but when I click save, then publish, and then play, it doesnt let me play, when I go to kahoot it says the URL doesnt exist, I was wondering if this is a big of it is because the Web creator doesnt work anymore

Thanks for the report. I'll investigate the issue!

Thu Nov 19 2020
daan - help

How do i see the name of the game?

The quiz name appears at the start of the game

Mon Oct 05 2020
Cesar Calero - Thank you

Using Kahoot winner I was first place for about three questions in a kahoot some youtubers setup. The supercarlin brothers. If you look at the first harry potter kahoot they setup i was Theonlyacidolivera and i was first for the first three questions. So this bot actually woks and in online school I was first place every single time

Tue Sep 15 2020
Joe - Make it more helpful

make it so it wont ask for the name cause why will you ask the teacher the name of the quiz that's weird

Sun Aug 30 2020
Alex - App?

Hello, only "Kahoot winner" is a website? or you have an app? Thank you :)

Yes, we have a desktop app at https://kahoot-win.herokuapp.com/blog/download

Thu Jul 02 2020

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