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| Fri May 29 2020 | edited Fri Jan 29 2021
Quiz Not Found

Unable to find the quiz

What does this mean? Is the bot broken?

No, this is not broken. However, this happens to many people each day, and many get angry at me that is beyond my control. When this happens, the bot is forced to answer randomly because it cannot find the quiz. Here are the reasons why it cannot find it.


Kahoot Winner does not get the quiz name if you join late, and you may need to input the quiz name in the input at the top of the screen. The input will dissappear when a quiz has been found.

1. The Quiz is Private

This is one of the most common reasons that it cannot find the quiz. Some teachers and streamers create their own quizzes and keep it private for their own use. When a Kahoot quiz is private, meaning that it cannot be found on Discover, then there is simply no way to find the quiz. Even if you had the id of the quiz, it won't work.

How do I know if the quiz is private?

Most of the time, you probably won't know. However, if you can see the launch screen, you can see whether the quiz is private or public.

Public Quiz text example

Example launch screen with the state on the left.

At the bottom left, you should see a text saying A public kahoot or A private kahoot. If it is public, Kahoot Winner should be able to find the quiz. Otherwise, it probably won't.

2. You Did Not Provide any Information

Kahoot does not provide the quiz name when you join late, and you may need to provide the name in this case.

Quiz input at top of screen

Lobby screen with the quiz name input at the top.

In this input, you should put the quiz name, the quiz id, or sometimes, even the text of the current question you are in. The quiz name does not need to be exact and can even be a guess based on what you think the quiz is about.

The quiz name appears when the quiz starts. The quiz id is visible in the url.

Quiz name in center of quiz start and quiz id at end of url

3. The Questions are Randomized

When the questions are randomized, the default searching algorithm used in Kahoot Winner becomes too strict and cannot find the quiz.

Kahoot Options with Randomize order of questions on

You can fix this issue by enabling Loose Searching (You can use ctrl+k to toggle it as well)

Loose searching enabled

Loose searching uses a less strict searching algorithm that doesn't care about the position of questions in a quiz. There is a catch though: You need to input the questions yourself. In the few seconds before a quiz starts, a screen listing all the valid questions should appear, as well as a text input. Begin typing words or keywords found in the question to filter it out. The question at the top will be used, or you can click the correct question to use that one instead.

Loose Searching UI

Just quickly type in the question and win! Unfortunately, this system is not foolproof and will fail against quizzes with the exact same question for each question, or with quizzes with the same correct answer for each question.

4. The Answers are Randomized

When the answers are randomized, Kahoot Winner can still find the quiz, but may not get it correct. You should use Manual Control to answer the question correctly.

5. The Quiz is Not Popular

Some people test my website on their own public quizzes and get confused when it cannot find it. Often, they name their quiz something like test. These quizzes cannot be found because the time required to find it is over the time that the quiz is played. To understand this, here is a picture of the Discover results for "test".


That is a lot of tests.

As shown in the picture, there is over 2 MILLION results. In order to find your test, Kahoot Winner would have to filter through 2 million kahoots. This just won't work. In fact, Kahoot Winner has a hard limit to searches, (around 200,000) where it assumes that the quiz is private and stops searching.


Lorenzo - kahoot

i want to win

Mon Mar 15 2021
Owin Ayala - questioj

How do i work to have all the answer correct I think there might be some gltches.

If the quiz is public, provide any details that you can. This helps the server find the quiz faster and allows it to answer correctly.

Thu Feb 11 2021
fred - bruh

it gets the first one wrong everytime and fails every single one after even when I put in the quiz name

Thu Feb 11 2021
Lyd - I’m probably not doing it right

It says it cant find the server but when i put it into the regular Kahoot! It worked

The server may be overloaded. Try again.

Tue Feb 02 2021
HANS - Kahoot Create a Kahoot AT

Tue Feb 02 2021
Alejandro - no funciona

esta *** mierda no funciona

Fri Jan 22 2021


Please read the article. Thanks.

Thu Jan 21 2021
Maboi - not working

the bot is constantly failing at the questions. all were wrong except the first one

Kahoot winner is not guaranteed to win. It needs to be able to find the quiz you are playing. Please read the article to learn why it doesn't always work and learn what you can do to prevent this from happening in the future. Sometimes, it isn't possible at all (The quiz is private and some other reasons).

Sun Jan 10 2021
Random user - Bruh

Why did you remove the auto detection? now i cannot use it as the teacher keeps hiding the name

Auto detection has not been removed. It is just harder to auto-detect now.
Edit: Apparently, I was wrong. Auto-detect has been added back.

Mon Dec 14 2020
alfonso - Estudiando

me las pone mal todas

Mon Nov 30 2020
Bobly - OOF

Ik hou van dansen en ik ben een legende voor het leven

Mon Nov 30 2020
Abdelrahman - Fix this

Bruh fix this it doesn't work I need to win

Tue Nov 03 2020
Doge - Solution

for the name of the kahoot just enter the kahoot id in the url then it should work

Mon Nov 02 2020
hamster - why

why do you need the kahoot name but at the end you get the quiz detells | Owner Response: Kahoot sends the id at the end, but not at the start

Mon Oct 26 2020
Marcos - Que no va

Es Una Mentira No Va Me Las Falla Todas

Thu Oct 22 2020
ayo - POINTS

It doesn't go higher than 1000 points :/

Wed Oct 21 2020
nate - bum

its so bad it doessn't even work

Sun Oct 18 2020
Samuel Matias Murillo Onofre - Samuel m

No me dejo el hack

Fri Oct 16 2020
Santiago Lopez - Sistemas operativos

Sistemas operativos

Thu Oct 15 2020
cristian - vvmhv

not working

Thu Oct 08 2020
camila - xd

me pone mal las respuestas 😑😑😑😑😑😣😣😣😐

Fri Oct 02 2020
Blank - Recommendation

Can you possibly fix the item problem where you have to find the quiz by name?I don't know kahoots security system and coding so I won't know how this would work. But if you could this working by just inputting the PIN like it did that would be amazing.

Tue Sep 29 2020
Extacy Crisp - ?


Mon Sep 28 2020
nigg3r - Nice

Good stuff

Mon Sep 28 2020
stamper - ......

no me sale me ayudan

Sat Sep 26 2020
yo - ascd

me las pone mal :(

Fri Sep 25 2020

espero ayuda wey

Tue Sep 22 2020
Mehdi - A

It doest work

Tue Sep 22 2020
Nicolas - Wrong answers

I've tryed this bot on a kahoot i made myself and it answered all questions incorrectly, pls fix this, i want to flex my friends in biology's kahoots with a perfect score

Sun Sep 20 2020
MN - Not woeking

ITs not working ic ant get the points and it doesnt show the answers

Wed Sep 16 2020


Mon Sep 14 2020
Pincel - No funciona

Lo deje corriendo solo y se bloqueo

Mon Sep 14 2020
Sebastian - poronga

es una poronga

Mon Sep 14 2020
diego ceballos - hellow

i like kahoot

Mon Aug 31 2020


Mon Aug 31 2020
andre rene - RUIM


Fri Aug 28 2020
joderrrr - ...................

la pagina antes funcionaba pero ahora no sirve y me estan haciendo perderrrr

Wed Jul 22 2020
... - No te da las respuestas que son

Esta pagina afirma que te dan las respuestas correctas pero no funciona antes sí, pero después de la actualización lo empeoraron por esta razón diría que es una muy buena página web pero tiene sus fallos.

Wed Jul 22 2020
shcbd - not working

me las pone mal y vi la configuracion un monton de veces

Tue Jul 07 2020
jjja - not working

not bad but this does not work for my kahoots anymore so i guess i have to follow the instructions given

Tue Jul 07 2020
... - va mal

va mal no siempre te da las respuestas

Mon Jul 06 2020
Chrille - It don't answer right

It always take the wrong one. It rarely answers right

Fri Jun 26 2020
dyanna - dmwind

todas mal

Thu Jun 25 2020


Wed Jun 24 2020
bot_1 - Very good app


Fri Jun 19 2020
Brenda - Chale, no se encontró el formulario:(

Me entran algunas preguntas y otras no:((

Sat Jun 13 2020
iron man muere - [removed]

El hack esta bien pero el problema es que todos mis profes utilizan sus propios kahoots y estan en privado.

Thu Jun 11 2020
Sebastián - HI

no aggarra

Wed Jun 10 2020
Loud nigra - dåligt

det går bra i bland

Tue Jun 09 2020
Anna - history

como? esta facil

Mon Jun 08 2020
Mariano - 😥😥😥

Me las pone mal

Fri Jun 05 2020

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