Kahoot Winner's Source Released

| Thu Jun 04 2020

Why did I release the code?

To be honest, after releasing it on GitHub, I did feel a little bit of regret. However, all this does it make it a little easier to get the source code. The source code was already released as soon as I started releasing application versions for people to use on their computer, compiled into a .asar file.

I have spent quite a long time on this project -- over a year has passed since version 1 of this website. Much of the improvements recently have also been thanks to the community on Discord who made many suggestions, bug reports, and more to help me improve and upgrade the site. Thank you all!

Thanks for your suggestions!

You can view the source code at theusaf/kahoot-winner. The version in the GitHub repo might be a few versions old so that I can make sure I don't leak anything important, but you can always derive the source from the applications.

What can I do with the source?

The source is listed under an MIT license, which means that you can modify and do whatever you want with it. However, you must not remove any text from the license (like changing the username), but you can add your own copyright notice for any changes that you make. It would also be nice if you place credits to me somewhere on the main website.


Ebraheem - help?

may someone tell me the best presets?

Fri Nov 20 2020

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