What's New in Version 2.15.0

| Fri Jun 12 2020

What's new?


This update adds the ability to save settings to presets. You can access presets in the settings menu.

preset button in settings

On mobile, the presets button will be an "i" icon just above the gear. When you click this button, the presets page should appear:

presets page

Each preset will be 'closed,' but you can view what settings they contain by pressing the '?' next to the title of each preset. To use the preset, simply click the 'restore' button. You should see a popup saying that the preset was loaded. The settings from that preset are saved to your settings menu and sent to the server. To remove a preset, simply press the 'x.' However, this will also remove any other presets with the same name.

To create a preset, enter a name and press 'Add.' This will create a new preset using the settings currently in use.

Privacy Policy and TOS

The privacy policy and terms have been added to the front page.

Bug Fixes

Brute force Two Factor Auth

The fix may make it a bit longer to join games with two factor enabled, but at least it joins.

Changing purposely fail mid game doesn't work

Changing purposely fail mid game should now recalculate fails, happy failing!

Various server performance improvements

I am continually improving the server to attempt to reduce crashes, but it just seems that the server is not meant to handle over 150 users each minute.


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