What's New in Version 2.16.0

| Thu Jun 18 2020

What's new?

Answer Time Frame

You can now set a time frame to answer the question in the answer timeout area. Just set the answer timeout to something like 2-5 to specify a wait of two to five seconds.

Detailed Information

The shortcut text next to each button has been removed, and replaced with a button labeled "(?)." Pressing this button reveals detailed information on what each option does.

Better "Invalid Name" handling

The invalid name error is thrown when the pin is broken sometimes, resulting in a confusing infinite loop of "invalid name." This has been fixed to now say "PIN broken" when the name is not the issue.


Each user can have up to 10 sessions. Extra sessions will disable the service until less than 10 sessions are in use. This is to prevent spam and abuse of the server.

Bug Fixes

Loose Search does not continue to question answering

When setting loose search to 'wait for confirmation,' it no longer stays locked on the get ready page.

Presets do not appear on Safari

An issue with Safari's styling has been fixed, enjoy using presets on your mobile devices!


macon - game s

won tthe time

Mon Jan 25 2021
>:/ - This thing doesn’t work

It just guess answers when you are not using and manually and when you do it lags or kicks you out I do not recommend this website

Fri Sep 04 2020
Daniel Lau - re:They can correct many mistakes

You might want to check out the "quiz not found" blog page. The preview question does work, but you may run into issues if the quiz is private.

Sat Jun 20 2020
Daniel - They can correct many mistakes

there are many errors, first they are all badly answered and also in that option of previewing the questions the answer does not appear, please solve it and they are a very good but correct company that yesterday I used it and it was very good but now it is bad

Fri Jun 19 2020

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