What's New in Version 2.17.0

| Fri Jul 03 2020 | edited Fri Jul 03 2020

What's new?

Quiz Name Input

Recently, Kahoot has removed the quiz name from the client. This means that the user needs to provide the quiz name to find the quiz.

Quiz Searcher is now less strict

The quiz searcher will no longer require the quiz name to match with the searched Kahoots.

Removed features

Automatic quiz finding

As mentioned before, the quiz name is not supplied anymore, so you need to supply the search term or name yourself.

Quiz Name option

The search term option has taken over the quiz name option and is used for searching quizzes.

Bug Fixes

Purposely Fail Doesn't Always Fail

Now when it fails, it will get the answer wrong 100%

A possible issue right now is that reconnecting to a game does not quite work right now.


Maria - Cheat

I want always has a correct answer and 1000 point for that.

Sat Mar 20 2021
Abdulla Ali - Abdulla


Tue Sep 29 2020

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