New Major Update! V3.0.0

| Mon Sep 07 2020

Whats new, dude?

In this version, Kahoot Winner now uses the latest Kahoot API (kahoot.js-updated V2!)

This allows for lots of cool stuff:

¿No hablo inglés?

You can now change the language of the website using the language button, above the settings button!

language switch

Currently, English, Spanish, and Chinese are supported.

See inside Kahoot Winner's head!

Under the search options, there is a button that opens the current quiz being used in a new tab. If the server could not find the quiz, then the button will be greyed out.

current guess button

Also, at the end of the quiz, you will see two buttons. One button leads to the actual quiz being used and the second button leads to what Kahoot Winner thought you were playing.

quiz end screen

If it quizzes match, the second button will be highlighted in a rainbow border.

Shiny New Upgrades!

Better mobile styling

On small mobile devices, the buttons have been adjusted to take up less space on the screen.

Minified scripts!

Kahoot Winner's files have been minified to reduce the cache space and the load times. If you need the full files, you can probably find them on GitHub or in the app!

A slightly faster database.

Kahoot Winner's database takes around 20-30 minutes to load from Google's firestore. Now, the database is on git, reducing the load time to 2 minutes!

More quizzes stored!

Kahoot Winner now saves quizzes when the quiz id is provided and at the end of the quiz.

Detailed reasons for disconnects.

The disconnect message now contains why you were disconnected.

Bugs squashed.

Name not updating

Kahoot Winner now updates your name if you had put in something naughty. (Now you know that you are SadGorilla42)

Losing connection after updates

When reconnecting to a game after server shutdown, Kahoot Winner now waits ~30 seconds before reconnecting. (This allows the disconnected client to disconnect, opening space for the new connection)

Older versions of Kahoot Winner will not work with the latest server version.

Go win!


Jamie Brooker - Cheating

It is only a game, however games are taken seriously but unlike you, people can cheat and not take games seriously, so as head of Kahoot manager I would like you to take this website down due to complaints that have been received at the Kahoot office

Fri Apr 23 2021
lucas - m&m

bn e

Wed Apr 07 2021
dav - dav

fewsfnksm kvkfkjdkmvf drivmjyudv

Sun Apr 04 2021
die - i like this app

its broken i give it a 5/5 great

Thu Apr 01 2021
komia jour - im not a bot lollll

im not a bot lol

Thu Apr 01 2021
Asmodeus - Bitch !

Hello, my name is Asmodeus !

Wed Mar 31 2021
grrr - this is gay

bro why'd it get taken down this is homophobic.

Thu Mar 04 2021
Jo - trash

its does not workkk

Thu Jan 28 2021
Jae - taking to long

taking ot long to load

Fri Jan 22 2021
Johann Collins - medical

i am in medical

Fri Jan 22 2021
christian - hi

im wierd as flop

Thu Jan 21 2021
nice - To u bruh

Yo who ever is seeing this but it doesn't work that good

Thu Jan 21 2021
curren - it wont load

it worked perfectly until i updated it and now it wont load

Mon Oct 12 2020
curren - it wont load

i updated kahoot winner last week and now it wont load. ive tried reloading it, ive tried different search engine and ive tried leaving it open. please respond as quick as possible i dont like losing as my friend can run it just fine

Mon Oct 12 2020
The Invisible Man (#1095) - Best Bot Ever!

Seriously bruh , i dont even have to tell you my experience or how good this is! Just try it out yourself!!

Mon Sep 07 2020

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