New in Version 3.2.0

| Tue Sep 29 2020

Whats new?

This update is mainly a cosmetic update but contains a few small bug fixes.

New Themes!

The Re:Zero and Minecraft themes have been added!

With the Minecraft theme, you get the song Minecraft by C418 and Pigstep by Lena Reine

Bugs and glitches

  • The recaptcha badge is now hidden during panic mode.
  • The 404 page no longer is broken and has been improved.
  • The service worker has been fixed.
  • Try typing "explosion" while using the Konosuba theme, it will, well... blow you away. (There may or may not be more secrets for other themes)


    Luis Hernandez - lol

    First gets a candy

    Tue Feb 09 2021

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