Spooky New Upgrades to Kahoot Winner (Update 3.3.0)

| Sat Oct 31 2020

Happy Halloween! The latest version is out, containing a few new features

What's New?

A New Hope

Are you a confused user who doesn't know how to use Kahoot Winner? I have recently upgraded the tutorial which now gives slightly more detailed information about the website. The tutorial is now available on mobile as well!

Quicker Input

You can now paste in the quiz id into the "quiz name" input and it will automatically set the uuid in the settings menu.

Quiz is Quiz. Why do they have to change quiz?!

If Kahoot Winner finds your quiz, but the host changed a few things, you can press the lock next to the "Current Guess" button. Currently, there is not shortcut for it.

Master of Time

Now, you can disable the question timer in challenges.

Bug Fixes

The ads gave me away!

Now, entering panic mode hides the advertisments

Other fixes

The application for windows is now exported as a standalone exe file.


KIYAH 💋🌹 - I need the website

I don't know the website for the kahoot winner thing

The website was https://kahoot-win.com, but it has been taken down for legal reasons.

Thu May 13 2021

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