Update 4.0.0! A cool update to Kahoot Winner!

| Fri Dec 04 2020 | edited Fri Dec 04 2020

What are the cool things in this update?

A new, fresh look

Since this was a big update, I decided to update the styles on Kahoot Winner to match Kahoot! and to be more uniform. See the new screens below!

New Error/Notice System

Now, errors and some notices will stack on the side of the screen. You can close them or wait for them to dissapear in around 7 seconds. Some important notices will stay until dismissed or acted on.

Quiz ID Validation

Kahoot Winner now tells you if the uuid you entered was private or incorrect.

Bugs smashed

Incorrect Kahoot getting locked in

Recently, Kahoot removed the correctAnswers from the live question end response, which was causing errors in Kahoot Winner. I have updated the filters and it should filter and find the quizzes again.

Not resetting when changing configs

Now, Kahoot Winner will reset its search configs whenever you change settings for Search Loosely, Quiz Author, or Search Term.

Not resetting when the game resets

Now, Kahoot Winner will reset its search when the game restarts or the next quiz is loaded.

Happy Kahooting!


Saul - hi

hi this is iron man

Fri Jan 22 2021
anighey harris - math

i wanna win khoot in math

Fri Jan 22 2021
Arthur - sir

I like potatoes

Fri Jan 22 2021
Arthur - sir

I like potatoes

Fri Jan 22 2021
samsom - Öm

Hi this is the best

Fri Dec 04 2020

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