New update! 5.0.0

| Sat Jan 09 2021

About this update

This update is mainly a bug fix update with some small changes and performance improvements.

What's new?

A precious new logo!

You may have already noticed, but there is a new logo for the site. This was voted on in the Discord Server, getting 31 votes, with the original logo with 13 votes.

5.0.0 image

Duck! It's New Theme!

Thanks to a user who goes by "🅓🅤🅒🅚," a new theme was added that features ducks.

Your speed is in another server.

The main site now instructs the client to use a different server when it is lagging. Before, it used to proxy a connection, but I only recently dicovered that websockets are not affected by CORS.

Bug fixes

Challenge Settings are not a part of presets

This bug has been fixed, and presets should now save/load some challenge settings.

Quiz End Screen using outdated medal images

The medals have been updated. In fact, the new logo uses the gold medal as a base.

Cannot use the search sub-setting on app/alternate sites

The code for the application version now allows the quiz search sub-setting to work.

Miscellaneous Changes and information

Blog comment change

The blog comments now highlight information when I respond to them.

Public resources organization

All assets have been organized into different folders.

I am planning to add a domain to the site and improve caching soon.

All challenge pins must be 01189998819991197253


SLIME - What the new one

What the new stuff and also can i get the discord server

The discord server link is on the main page

Mon Feb 22 2021
Kamil - ez


Mon Feb 22 2021
Marius -

um try this theusaf people get hacked by this it was made by me

This is just a Google easter egg/joke not made by you. Please stop spamming this. Thanks.

Sun Jan 10 2021

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