Update 5.2.0

| Sat Jan 30 2021

New Features:

This is mostly a backend update, so there are not too many changes.

Automatic Quiz Name Fetching

Shoutout to @reteps for notifying me!

Apparently, Kahoot did not remove the quiz name from the quiz start message, rather, they simply renamed it from quizName to quizTitle.

Somehow, I just never noticed that.

Anyways, what this means is that Kahoot Winner will now know the name of the quiz when you join a game. (Unless you join after the quiz starts)

Improved brute-forcing of two-factor authentification

Since Kahoot has limited the number of times you can send certain messages in a short period of time, Kahoot Winner and other programs could not as easily brute force a code, as it would take about 8-10 seconds to send all possible codes.

However, it is possible to batch messages, allowing all codes to be sent in 2 seconds!

Better database searching

The database has been reformated to allow for even more precise and quick searching.

Reduced "Invalid PIN" issues

With TikTok advertising my website and increasing my traffic more than twofold, new rate-limiting and lag issues have come up. This change aims to reduce these issues.

The server no longer makes redundant requests to validate the pin, which should hopefully decrease the amount of "Invalid PIN" issues.


renz - kahoot

i need to kahoot now

Tue Mar 16 2021
Jadyen - hi

does kahoot winner work

Fri Feb 26 2021
john - hey

it was fun but i don't know why you removed it i never used it for school and i think other people did not use it for school pleas bring it back it was fun for when i was with my friends.

Fri Feb 26 2021
Jackson - Frozen 2 trivia

Frozen 2 trivia

Sun Feb 21 2021
Fox - bring it back

bring it back man

Fri Feb 19 2021
idk - why

why after i use it for the first time like whyyyyyyy

Fri Feb 19 2021
Jc - This is awesome

Winning is fun my class wants to know how I do it I said just study

Wed Feb 03 2021
AĆ­ Vbuuuurrrn - Hi Theusaf

winning kahoot is very fun!!!

Hello! I agree! It is fun to win.

Sat Jan 30 2021

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