Major Update - Version 6.0.0

| Sun Feb 14 2021

A new major update has been released with major improvements and new features.

What's New?

Improved Searching

The server now only focuses on finding quizzes with a more efficient algorithm. This means that quizzes can be found much faster than before and there will be less lag when playing.

Improved notifications

At the end of a game, the UUID is checked and if it is private, Kahoot Winner will notify you.

Also, if you get a question wrong, but it is the correct quiz, a notification will appear stating that the order of answers are randomized and that you should enable manual control.

New Late Joining screen

The joining late screen has been updated to be more like Kahoot!

New Application Launcher


The new launcher for Kahoot Winner

This launcher allows you to easily check for application updates and download the database.

In addition, the database is no longer automatically downloaded. Click on the Database tab to download.

Other information

Much of Kahoot Winner is now run in the browser!

This change is what allows for less lag. If you are interested in doing something similar, check out the browser version of kahoot.js-updated.


vidal - observacio

como se usa esto

Tue Mar 09 2021
hi - Plz make kahoot winner back


Tue Feb 23 2021
Why u want to know my name? - Plz make khoot winner back

Make it back

Tue Feb 23 2021
melina rodriguez - idk

havnt triedn itidk

Fri Feb 19 2021
Justino - plaese put it back

please put kahoot winner back wawawawwawawwa

Fri Feb 19 2021
Ao - Hi

It's not working

Fri Feb 19 2021
Elijah Galvez - Why wont it work

it is not working

Thu Feb 18 2021
Re1Gn - Thank you!

YOO! This thing is just awesome! Thank you for everything Theusaf!

Sun Feb 14 2021

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