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| Thu May 28 2020 | edited Wed Apr 21 2021

Welcome to my blog!

This blog used to be used for one of my other projects that has been taken down, but it is now being used for random stuff

What is on this blog?

On this blog, you can find things related to:



pizza_guy287 - Why exactly was Kahoot! Winner taken down

I was just wondering why it was taken down. Also does the .exe on archive.org still work? It's okay if it doesn't because I have another cheat that will remain unnamed.

Tue Jun 20 2023
Justin - Inactive

This has been inactive for a while. It was really cool while it lasted

Wed Mar 30 2022
1nch - I unpatched kahoot-js-updated

Hello, I have unpatched the kahoot npm package and would like to maintain the package. My github username is 1nchpp and if you want you can DM me on Discord for the code. My discord tag is 1nch#0001.


Tue Sep 07 2021
Joder - kahoot.rocks/kahoot.club

If you guys need an auto-answer for kahoot, use kahoot.rocks or kahoot.club. They will work, and made by me. Also, join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/P3ZwXTz9

Wed Jun 16 2021
aden - bring it back

why did you let it go please reply

Tue May 04 2021
bro - come on man

bro bring kahoot winner back

Sat Apr 24 2021
github - github

can u post it in github at least or discord love u

Sat Apr 24 2021
sheesh - Rick Rool

I just rick rolled kahoot lmao now bring it back

Wed Apr 21 2021
ㅤ - bring it back

if it was something serious we wouldn't be on Kahoot we are only on it to play games and stuff for school

Fri Apr 16 2021
Remy - Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

Please make kahoot winner again.

Fri Apr 09 2021
A just shapes and beats plant - .

Just give me it back

Fri Apr 09 2021
Sergio - Quiero usar Kahoot Winner

Porque siempre pierdo xD

Fri Mar 26 2021
Danito - You could return winner Kahoot

You can bring back kahoot winner only for when it is played at home and not for an exam, for example at the beginning of a kahoot it comes out at home, at school etc.

Fri Mar 26 2021
lonhil - o.lubgñ.obg

el verga larga

Fri Mar 26 2021
My ass - This is bullsh**

I want to win so you can kiss my ass and bring it back

Thu Mar 25 2021
José Otoniel - forivjmfgjbvdkfjvcdlkf

hola, no entendí muy bien porque se elimino kahoot winner

Thu Mar 25 2021
felipe - soy un adolecente de 15 años

soy un adolecente de 15 años

Thu Mar 25 2021
Joglacraft - I was here

Just I wan't to be able to see the question and the answers. I can't see it

Thu Mar 25 2021
JAVI - juinni


Thu Mar 25 2021
Master Shifu - BRING IT BACK!!


Not going to happen. There is a reason it has been taken down, you know...

Tue Mar 23 2021
Abdelrahman Tawaha - nothing

i want to win

Tue Mar 23 2021
melina - översmämningar

En kahoot om översvämningar

Tue Mar 23 2021
rachid - kagoot

hola sol rachid

Mon Mar 22 2021
Keshav Khattar - nor working

it not working now, pls fix it

Mon Mar 22 2021
Andreas - Australia water

the water is realy good

Mon Mar 22 2021
suleima - suleima

not using these for exams

Sat Mar 20 2021
or cohen😚✌ - 239251

מה אתה רוצה

Fri Mar 19 2021
Someone - Read me

Ẃow, you can read :D

Thu Mar 18 2021
Josh at Smikipedia - Check out Smikipedia

Hey this is Josh from Smikipedia, you should check it out (smikipedia.wordpress.com) It's exactly like Wikipedia except it's not called Wikipedia so you can use it as a source on your essays

Thu Mar 18 2021
Schüler - Miene freunde Argen

Ich Möchte mal Meine Frunde Argen Bitte Gib Ahot Win Wider Frei.

Wed Mar 17 2021
Shadz - Shady Studios

Hey everyone, I currently looking for new members for my game development group! Our main game I'm planning is: Parallel Escape! If you would like to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_B42gkrDFpRmxpRnOlyIKk-pg4zMoABBxB2Kav8JkHgtsOA/viewform?usp=sf_link There! Thanks, Shadz

Tue Mar 16 2021
Kevin - Can you respond to me to answer my question

Um why did you or kahoot take it dow- oh I get it never mind but I liked it when it was still up so just keep up the good work

Tue Mar 16 2021
Kahoot - Bring it back

Dame why they do that

Tue Mar 16 2021
WTH kahoot winner - **** you kahoot winner

dont listen to those dumb **** kahoot trolls and bring it back! BRING IT BACK! BRING IT BACK! BRING IT BACK!

Cannot bring it back (legal reasons)

Tue Mar 16 2021
Me - The text

How does kahoot winner work?

Tue Mar 16 2021
hi - make a other website

plz when need this

Not going to happen.

Tue Mar 16 2021
ulysses - let me in plzzz

i always lose on kahhot

Fri Mar 12 2021
Usama - kungg e ni

jag vill it jeta

Fri Mar 12 2021
Kahoot Winner Clone - Kahoot really just took my site down

Kahoot really just took our site down. It will be back up in 10 minutes. U guys had it popping while it was up

Fri Mar 12 2021
Zay - Bring it back

I’m trash I need Kahoot! Winner back

Thu Mar 11 2021
Matteo - <

I want to win

Thu Mar 11 2021
Dayaa - Mi opinión

Creo q esta aplicación esta muy bien te da el solo a la respuesta correcta pero creo q tendría q tardar mas en contestar.

Thu Mar 11 2021
Kahoot winner clones - here are some clones of kahoot winner

https://kahoot-win-clone.herokuapp.com/ https://kahoot.apknxt.com/ https://kahoot.skermiebro.com/ kahoot-jack.herokuapp.com Thank you the usaf for making this amazing program :)

Thu Mar 11 2021
Arcel Garcia - I need to win

Plz let me play i want to win i am always last

Wed Mar 10 2021
Arcel - Arcel Garcia

I am Going to win kahoot cause i am bad

Wed Mar 10 2021
Dj - You bot

Bring it back kahoot just mad O

Wed Mar 10 2021
Name - what the hell is this

why do ppl type mean stuff and asking if you could bring it back they wont bring it back (and i actually spelt)

Wed Mar 10 2021
Me - :3

Just a comment

Wed Mar 10 2021
Kahoot-Win-Clone - Use Kahoot Winner Here

Use kahoot winner at https://kahoot-win-clone.herokuapp.com/

Tue Mar 09 2021
joan - put kahoot winner pls

can you put another kahoot winner because i get bully when I lose a kahoot in my classroom pls put kahoot winner backe pls I dont wanna bully

Tue Mar 09 2021
reee kid - from me to you

can you teach us how to do it or something

Mon Mar 08 2021
Shut The *** Up HUh - Dumb ASS ****

You don't have to be a jerk about it damn. Ugly *** trying to be smart *** frog *** looking **** and anyone else that says some smart shit, come say it me ****es. And My grammar is PERFECT **** *** A ***

Mon Mar 08 2021
huh - huh

what on earth is this website for its useless. Thank you for your time. (unlike some people I actually spelt words right)

This website originally was a web app for cheating in Kahoot! but has been taken down.

Mon Mar 08 2021
I need help - How do i fix the gui not properly loading

Hello Guys, So I Have been making A Kahoot-Win replica and my GUI looks like this almost every time https://prnt.sc/10dyk6v . Who knows why or could help me fix it. The settings button still works but its just invisible and i dont understand how to fix it. Am i just gonna have to make my peace with it?

Activating panic mode?

Fri Mar 05 2021
Kiya - Kiya dum

Kiya is being mean to me and she is trying to made me lie

Fri Mar 05 2021
Anonymous - U guys can use my site

I made a copy of it at https://kahoot-win-clone.herokuapp.com/ The settings thing in the bottom right is invisible and i dont know why Can anyone help me fix that?

Fri Mar 05 2021


Fri Mar 05 2021
Thank you - thank you

Hi, thak you for the amasing game kahhot winner an awwsom way to cheat but if your smart you would know you have to work inorder to actuly win someting you cant just cheat cheating is getting you noware in life and it olmost got me in trouble Thank You.

Fri Mar 05 2021

Hello this is the CEO OF BORDOM hear to inform you that no one now likes you pleas commet on this so i can see your felings and thoughts looks like CEO OF BORDOM won the fight agin bois

Fri Mar 05 2021
Pyccкий - :/

Жаль закрыли проект, можно было побеждать всегда среди друзей, и таков мой вопрос: реально использовали kahoot для сдачи экзаменов? Смешно

Fri Mar 05 2021
Baran - Joo

Ik hen het de enige echte

Fri Mar 05 2021
Stuxnet - Thank You

Good evening, TheUSAF. I would like to thank you for your contribution to all of the kids in the world who used your program. While I am disappointed that it got removed at the request of Kahoot!, I am glad that I was able to use it while it was online. Thank you for taking the time to create this program. "Si vis pacem para bellum". With best regards, -Stuxnet


Fri Mar 05 2021
Sille - kahoot

jeg vil spille kahoot

Thu Mar 04 2021
Johnny Sins - Thanks

A fair chance for once. Thank you.

Thu Mar 04 2021
Mousa - he

can a test kahoot winner

Thu Mar 04 2021
marwan - open kahoot winner

please open kahoot winner

Thu Mar 04 2021
ivan felipe toro fuquene - bachiller

bachiller técnico de ebanisteria

Wed Mar 03 2021
Halle farrow - tell kahoot this

hi i was wondering if you couuld make a kahoot winner whare it suggests you answers and sometimes there wrong?

Wed Mar 03 2021
pls bro - pls dude

broooooooooo why u do this to me

Wed Mar 03 2021
Mint The Waptor - how did the brand supreme start

hi i was wondering if you couuld make a kahoot winner whare it suggests you answers and sometimes there wrong?

Wed Mar 03 2021
David - 1340906

clase de educacion fisica

Wed Mar 03 2021
Please - STop being stupid people

u guys are posting other sites knowing kahoot is monitering this site and are going to get other sites removed. Please stop being stupid and @theusaf i really advice u to remove them as i assume that those are against kahoots tos

People posting links on a blog isn't against their tos, although using that service does go against the tos

Wed Mar 03 2021
alex - el peor juego

el juego no se entra

Tue Mar 02 2021
Ħ א ➆ βoSs - Hi

THe best iḱdid

Tue Mar 02 2021
꧁FaZe꧂ - Hey

I was just using Kahoot winner as a way to troll my friends in their own created Kahoot so if it is okay pls let me know my email is Email: ElianaJem7358@outlook.com

Tue Mar 02 2021
nigger - kahoot = ***

kahoot is gay

Tue Mar 02 2021

RIP Kahoot winner :(

Tue Mar 02 2021
put i back pls :( - put it back pls tell kahoot

pls put it back

Tue Mar 02 2021


Mon Mar 01 2021
Meme Team - R.I.P


Mon Mar 01 2021
Hayden - R.I.P

May you rest in peace,

Mon Mar 01 2021
lily - look what khaoot said

Kahoot! Developer - Reasons-Disapproved Hello theusaf, you can bring back your website BUT on another domain. You must remove it from google searches too. Thanks; -Kahoot Wed Feb 24 2021

Mon Mar 01 2021
lily - :(

i dont like this bring it back

Mon Mar 01 2021
Jonathan Chimbo - African Americans

yo soy un crico que le gusta ganar todos los juegos poreso estoy aqui

Mon Mar 01 2021
angela - who asked?

who the **** asked for your opinion on this? i am searching right now.

Mon Mar 01 2021
pinch - punch

first of the month white rabbits no returns

Mon Mar 01 2021


Mon Mar 01 2021


Mon Mar 01 2021
im sad - cuz i wanna DESTROY mah class

im very sad

Mon Mar 01 2021
tristian - me nem is tristian

i wl vin

Mon Mar 01 2021
yo - hi

can i have the script of the kahoot winner so i can make another version of this, thanks!

You can find the source online

Mon Mar 01 2021
Aaron - win

win a lot a game \

Mon Mar 01 2021
Theusaf - Kahoot Winner

I apologize for this inconvenience but I have many more projects coming out soon, join the discord and stay tuned! And for those who think it is cool to impersonate me, there comments will be deleted! Thank you! Theusaf,

Sat Feb 27 2021
Temur Capanoglu - Ja

Ja das hab ich ja nicht gemacht ich hab mich auch so nicht so arm wie

Fri Feb 26 2021
Angela - Thank u

Thank u so much for shutting it down a lot of people use it for learning while others cheat and get the marks they don't deserve. So thank u

Fri Feb 26 2021
Sad - sad

very sad that u need to shut down

Fri Feb 26 2021
kevbin - gabarre

soy kebin tengo 22 años y quiero jugar

Fri Feb 26 2021
gamer - Stop pls

Bruh people stop impersonation Theusaf its cringe

Fri Feb 26 2021
Theusaf - ill bring it back

ill bring it back just wait a few weeks

Thu Feb 25 2021

Hey, this is the CEO of boredom sorry to contribute this to you but evry one hates this now beacuse we have nothing els to not be bored with looks like were comeing back lets Go CEO of boredom -CEO OF BORDOME

Thu Feb 25 2021
happy coustomer - thank you

Thank you, so much for your amasing kahoot winner plus its not wright to lie you msould earn it yourself of anything ur just geting dumber ok so next time try to be honest i learnd that the hard way so stay health and safe

Thu Feb 25 2021
Axel - first person vs third person

yes or no

Thu Feb 25 2021
lol - lol

Wow really i think lolmy school board did this

Thu Feb 25 2021
Theusaf is a god - Theusaf is a god

kahoot winner is god

Thu Feb 25 2021
Giovan - Giovan

Giovan was the

Thu Feb 25 2021
gf - gf

this is bullshit

Thu Feb 25 2021
juan.otegui - Estafa

sois una estafa

Thu Feb 25 2021
b123123 - asd

bring it bak

Thu Feb 25 2021
inshane - wow

inshane is insane

Thu Feb 25 2021
bob - wow

hi my name

Thu Feb 25 2021
Theusaf - I will bring it back soon

Don’t worry it will be back soon

No, it wont.

Thu Feb 25 2021
anonymous - bring it back.

bring it back just don't put ur name on it we could all do with it back

Thu Feb 25 2021
Someone - Will Be Missed :(

I used it twice, and it was so convenient. Now that the fun is over, thank you for making it. Wish you could bring it back.

Thu Feb 25 2021
**** you - ignore what kahoot said

you should've just told them to shut the **** up and ignored the email after you replied after you sent the reply, then blocked them

It wasn't an email. It was direct mail. Ignoring it would likely lead to worse consequences.

Thu Feb 25 2021
Tommy5kdragon - RIP KAHOOT WINNER.


Wed Feb 24 2021
a happy customer - farewell

you will live on in our grades

Wed Feb 24 2021
ShrekOderBanner#4561 - Hey gamers

Hey all, so I used this a lot, and if you guys are using this on school monitored devices, don't! God how stupid do you have to be, it's not that hard to make up an excuse to use your phone. Also, one way to hide would be getting access to a .edu, as those are often overlooked and not blocked. Examples of this are that she'll shocker is blocked, but egghead.institute is usually not. Thanks for your time, heed my advice.

Wed Feb 24 2021
Ultimate - New

When we get this new Kahoot winner gimme the link aight

Wed Feb 24 2021
Youmes - HD

younes hd kahoot

Wed Feb 24 2021
Kocsor márk - király utca 12

király utca 12

Wed Feb 24 2021
Tyler - plz

it was fun useing be free

Wed Feb 24 2021
anonymous - Kahoot winner

edit the Kahoot developer said that they can bring Kahoot winner back but it needs to be in another domain.

Wed Feb 24 2021
Anonymous - I need help designing a exact replica of it

Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who has experience coding to help me make a exact replica. I already found a exact replica and i wanted to copy the code from that into a new one. It has the same code from kahoot-winner If you think you can help then email me at supbro123546@gmail.com

Wed Feb 24 2021
anonymous - Kahoot winner

The Kahoot developer said that they can bring back the Kahoot winner but it can not appear in searches.

Because I cannot confirm if that is actually Kahoot!, I will not be bringing it back. Plus, it doesn't make sense why Kahoot! would tell me that they are allowing me to put it back up, but privately.

Wed Feb 24 2021
El Alfa - yepaa

oporq soy dios

Wed Feb 24 2021
tylerXD - ;c

used it to troll my friends

Wed Feb 24 2021
mark - kahoot

why this kahoot winner is not work

Wed Feb 24 2021
KahootLover10 - L

bring it back or I will smell your hair

Wed Feb 24 2021
Theusaf - To Kahoot


Wed Feb 24 2021
Kahoot! Developer - Reasons-Disapproved

Hello theusaf, you can bring back your website BUT on another domain. You must remove it from google searches too. Thanks; -Kahoot

Wed Feb 24 2021

please i hope you bring it back please :((

Wed Feb 24 2021
ANONYMOuS - Bring it back create a exsternal website

Bring it back create an external website that does the same thing

Wed Feb 24 2021
aSas - bring it back

pls bring it back or ill cry no joke and no cap ill actually cry

Wed Feb 24 2021
Hacker 13243 - pls

pls get it back

Wed Feb 24 2021
eli - kahoot winner

this is the only reason i had a girlfriend. she thought that i just knew the right answers but i was using this the whole time. I rly need this to work again pls

Wed Feb 24 2021

pls bring this back

Wed Feb 24 2021
Zygarde x - How you should bring back kahoot winner

Yo you should bring it back but you will have to rename the kahoot hack and name for the hack should be called kahoot god

Tue Feb 23 2021
anonymous - school

when we were doing Kahoot my social studies teacher was giving out points to people who were on the podium.

Tue Feb 23 2021
anonymous - school

my classmates were talking about that shut down a few minutes ago.

Tue Feb 23 2021
Kahoot! Developer - Reasons

The reason this was amen down was because it violated our Terms of Service and it was classified as cheating.

Tue Feb 23 2021

Kahoot tests are just unrealistic.

Tue Feb 23 2021
Eamon Randall - RIP

rip rip rip

Tue Feb 23 2021
yeetman - noooooooooooooooo i want it back

plz mack a new one

Tue Feb 23 2021
FEMBOY - kahoot sucks

really kahoot now ima fail every class kahoot is now for ever gay FROM FEMOY

Tue Feb 23 2021
Chelsey - Kahoot winning

Please come back

Tue Feb 23 2021
Emmilee - Kahoot

It can't work

Tue Feb 23 2021
anonymous - sad

i wish kahoot winner didnt go i didnt even use it :(

Tue Feb 23 2021
Joe Mama - Bruh

That sucks man, Joe and I used this all the time

Tue Feb 23 2021
Jack - Sad to see go...

Had some great times with Kahoot Winner, used to troll my friends. Will be missed :(

Tue Feb 23 2021
Tynathan - This was so good

I used to study but only used it to troll my friends

Mon Feb 22 2021
Theusaf - I will bring it back

Whoever comments about this will be able to use kahoot-winner on the year of 2021 on February 31st.

Hey! don't pretend to be me!

Mon Feb 22 2021
FrostyAnimations126 - Kahoot Winner Archived

I downloaded the site here https://nekavid.club/site/Kahoot-Win.html

Mon Feb 22 2021
cristian - bring it back my dude

make this paid so we can enjoy cheating PLEASE

Mon Feb 22 2021
Kevin - Winner

I love this bro thanks I appreciate that you even made this

Mon Feb 22 2021
Mapler - Got so much fame

now im living on the streets because i coudn't keep up my streak

Mon Feb 22 2021
so sad - very sad

it so sad

Sun Feb 21 2021
khuloud - love you

help me to be 1st

Sun Feb 21 2021
Ahmed Waleed Omar - ahmed waleed

ahmed waleed omar taha

Sun Feb 21 2021
Alan - rip

it was good. so good. really nice program, design. I liked winning every time. But it's time to say goodbye, I will always remember you Kahoot winner!!!

Sun Feb 21 2021
Justiniscoding - Sad - was my favourite npm package

i was made a lot of bots with this, i wish it still worked. Ahh, the distant memories of having 1.76 x the score of anyone else in kahoot!

Sat Feb 20 2021
Asher - Kahoot winner

Please come back I really enjoy using you:(

Sat Feb 20 2021
Jake - Aribic

Let me in

Sat Feb 20 2021
Aaron Alfaro - Winner

I like winning.

Fri Feb 19 2021
Giani - Well It Was fun that one time

yes yes I used it to cheat I stayed up late but still couldn't understand it but I just couldn't no I wouldn't ruin my perfect record of A's although I never used it as much I'm sad to see it go..

Fri Feb 19 2021
vic - sad

the day i want to use it and its gone. :(

Fri Feb 19 2021

como se llama la parroquia

Fri Feb 19 2021

I will miss you very much Kahoot winner

Fri Feb 19 2021
Kahoot R.I.P - Kahoot R.I.P Message

R.I.P It Was Good... While it lasted Thanks for your help, Kahoot Winner! I'll study more... Fun Fact: and all of us have used Kahoot Winner at least one time... THANKS FOR ALLL!!!!!!!!

Fri Feb 19 2021
Syskey - Good While It Lasted

Was fun to make my friends feel stupid using this, however now it's gone and I wont be able to snag that extra credit. Hoping this comes back soon.

Fri Feb 19 2021
zaniaya - trying to win every time

i want to win kahoot all the time because every body keeps on teasing me

Fri Feb 19 2021
Wow - okay

The day i really need it. backs out but okay thanks

Fri Feb 19 2021
samil - bruh

bring this bacc this is bull shitt

Fri Feb 19 2021
R3ckless_.Y4Y4 - Sup

This is my first time on here and i wanna see how it works so lets see

Fri Feb 19 2021
Courtney Guy - Please

Bring it back please I needa prank my friends

Fri Feb 19 2021
Robert brown - kahoot winner

r.i.p kahoot winner

Fri Feb 19 2021


Fri Feb 19 2021
K - Kahoot

This App Is So Useful Expecially because my teacher gives treats whenever we get 1st place so now i have so many treats thanks for creating this!!! :)

Thu Feb 18 2021
Miko - Kahoot question

When I did an kahoot quiz with this site, it didn't show the correct answers, everything was on like it should, but it didn't show the correct answers... pls help

The quiz might have been private.

Tue Feb 16 2021
Jeremiah Torres - dddddd

l love it :)

Tue Feb 16 2021
kk - awd

czy działą to na prywatnych kahootach

Mon Feb 15 2021
hi - how does this work

thes this work for like winning ever kahoot cus my friend told me to use so.


Fri Feb 12 2021
Mikai - You have a great taste in anime

Keep it up, chief Respond with your MAL or AL :)

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.
man of culture as well
My anime list is here.

Fri Feb 12 2021
Stalker - Stalker

Andrew Stop Beng a idot You always cheat on everything You are a peice of **** And I know you live in Stubean county.

Thu Feb 11 2021
Andre - It doesnt work

I get all the answers wrong this is a waste of time you lying son of a ***** your website doesn't even work. next time you make a hack at least make sure it works you ****ing idiot

Sorry it didn't work for you. However, I can confirm that it works most of the time.

Wed Feb 10 2021
piggggggg - You'r dead

Uhh I think you are dead.

Wed Feb 10 2021
piggggggggg - Yo

This is so cool how did you come up from this do you have a tik tok, Cuz I found out about this on tik tok you are so dope.

Wed Feb 10 2021
Department of Indiana - HI

How did you make this did anyone help you how old are you does anyone know you made this what is your name . What school do you go. What county are you in. This has caused teachers from doing kahoot. We are looking forward to get rid of this stuiped dumb app.

If you want to counter this, I suggest using Kahoot Antibot. I made this through lots of programming and debugging and stuff.

Wed Feb 10 2021
Coolio - IDk

So how do I do this without finding the uuid or any of that. If i was just doing a random school kahoot what would I do. Any specific settings or idk? Or if i also dont know the title

If you don’t have any info, try crossing your fingers for good luck. using manual control and answer normally until you are sure it has the quiz.

Tue Feb 09 2021
demon panda baby - HELP


This is not possible. The server already tries to get everything correct but needs to find the quiz first in order to get it correct. One cannot simply join a random game and always get it correct. Usually, if the bot is getting it wrong, it's due to it being private. See this post.

Mon Feb 08 2021
ragad - how to win in kahoot

how to win

Mon Feb 08 2021
Digga D - yo

When i saw *blank*, I was gassed like when I saw nicki

Mon Feb 08 2021
MonneyNttw - Options

I'm still having trouble trying to figure out the search options can you give me an example of how it works.

Check the tutorials and the "?" button next to each option. These should explain them pretty well.

Fri Feb 05 2021
Hi - Hi

Thank you so much for making this and letting us have fun! Will you be making any more bots like this in the future?

I may make other bots like these in the future, but it is not likely to happen soon.

Fri Feb 05 2021

thx i can win easy and my clasroom friend say how than i say nothing i can win ez thx

Thu Feb 04 2021
h - it can be slow

it can be slow and crash sometimes

Wed Feb 03 2021
k - hi

thank you for responding to all the needed comments, I really appreciate it!

Tue Feb 02 2021
jr - piigg

i want to play kahoot

Mon Feb 01 2021
TacoDog - Dont know if this works, does it?

I want to try this but tell me if this works just in case.

This works.

Mon Feb 01 2021
Thunderlion - custom quiz?

will it work with a custom quiz that a teacher has made instead of one that they chose from

If the teacher keeps the quiz private, it will not work. If the teacher makes the quiz public, it might work, but you may need to provide additional information, such as the teacher's Kahoot! username or the quiz id.

Mon Feb 01 2021
Joto - sup

tu es joto

Sat Jan 30 2021
Nia - I can't wait to get back to school

This will be so funny cause like im very stupid in class and in math so when i sue this It'll be a LIFE SAVER.

Sat Jan 30 2021
Roberto - dumb

Super super sosososososo dumb

Sat Jan 30 2021
Sn0wman - How can i join the quiz challenge with the UUID

i needd help on how i canjoin the challenge

Just use the link as the pin!

Thu Jan 28 2021
ugweqf9ygwe - idk

how do i get there ID and everthing idk i dont get it very will it tripy

The id can be located on the host's screen in the url bar. (The long string after ?quizId=

Tue Jan 26 2021
Someone - My teachers are Shit!

no one in my school is hiding the kahoot quiz id soooo its very easy to locate the exact kahoot quiz

Mon Jan 25 2021
wqqqeq - i got a shit on ,on my teacher :)))


Thu Jan 21 2021
oliviah - iM tHe TAco MAn


Not this time Anime Batman!

Tue Jan 19 2021
cecilia - difficult

omg it was so difficult when I did not work I had to go to settings

Mon Jan 18 2021
your worst nightmare - Antibot go brr

haha you think you can stop kahootflood.weebly.com with your pesky little antibot *laughs for no reason*

Sat Jan 16 2021
ayham - ayham är best

ayham' är best

Wed Jan 13 2021
andrei iancu - super app.

this app is so awesome!i can create kahoots.

Tue Dec 15 2020
devil subject - it works

guys i works learn how to make it work

Thu Dec 10 2020
Hi - HI

Bro i go on the kahoot live streams and do this lamo'

Wed Dec 09 2020
poggers - okay wow

kinda sucks that you have to put in the quiz name, bc if you dont know the name it doesn't work

Tue Dec 08 2020
random - It's actually good.

none of these people understand how to use this. if you read the directions instead of ignoring them this bot works amazingly.

Mon Dec 07 2020
Lucas - What should I do for the settings

The bot is getting every question wrong and I am just asking what I should do to fix it and the best settings for a live game. | Owner Response: The default settings are fine. A new update was released, should fix some issues. Please see the tutorial for more info

Tue Dec 01 2020
es una mierda - me cago en tu puu madre

no va falla todas almenos acierta 1 de 100

Tue Dec 01 2020
op craft/hacker - oooooooooooooo

yo dis da best dis good

Wed Nov 18 2020
- 4bhi - - About

cool, but hard

Fri Nov 13 2020
Anonymous - ...

this is really good

Mon Nov 09 2020
Trint💪🇽🇰🇦🇱 - Algemeinwissen Geschichte

Algemeinwissen Geschichte

Fri Nov 06 2020
yessir - ayee.

yo i like coding too, but holy shit this be op doe. ill donate or somethin idk im lazy. but nice ui tho and nice shortcut for ctrl j to make it look like a normal kahoot. pretty op shit you made. i won 100 bucks since we were doing a 50 question quiz and whoever won got 100 bucks. all thanks to you. thanks buddy.

Sat Oct 31 2020
no - fille

i lik it

Thu Oct 29 2020
m1000 - overpowered

best shit to ever exist thanks homie

Fri Oct 16 2020
darjeeling tea - Teacher created kahoot

it might be asked already but if i were to do a teacher created one how would i get all the neccesary things in order for it to work?

Wed Oct 14 2020


Wed Oct 14 2020
curren - it wont load

i updated it in october 2020 and now it wont run

Mon Oct 12 2020
tyrone smith the money maker - amazing stuff

good stuff im having a lot of fun making dumb self look smarter than sweats in my class

Thu Oct 08 2020
MASON - hi

I am testing this just to see if this is just going to put my comment up there

Sun Oct 04 2020
kaitie - kahoot.it

this is AWESOME

Sat Oct 03 2020
good hack - good hack

lol i hacked my classes 12 question kahoot and i got 16500 lolololollol

Wed Sep 30 2020
Vee - How do i use the bot

How do i use this bot?

Mon Sep 21 2020
No-One - hecc

um the thing literally is not answering the questions right even when I have always correct on. Also its taking super long for it to go to the next question. Fix pls

Wed Sep 16 2020
Alexa - No funciona


Mon Aug 03 2020
:3 yooooo - marketing digital

que devo de poner en la parte de arriba? | Dev Response: The quiz name

Fri Jul 24 2020
aussie - shortcuts

can you tell me all the shortcuts eg ctrl j hides everything | Dev response: Just press the (?) buttons next to each setting

Wed Jul 22 2020
jonathan toro - pliz bro

hey bro porfa raliza una version de quizziz | Dev Response: Sorry, not happening yet

Tue Jul 21 2020
Rishi Soneji - the science of sleep

not hacking when live | Owner response: See the update notes at https://kahoot-win.herokuapp.com/blog/update-2-17-0

Fri Jul 03 2020
laura - pregunta

el que hace el juego y nos da el link puede ver si estamos utilizando un bot?

Thu Jul 02 2020
Pepe - Pepe

es una mierda, solo acierta con suerte la mitad, se supone que debe de acertar todas, super mal.

Thu Jul 02 2020
Sam - Kahoot Challenges without PIN code

My teacher now only sends kahoot challenge links and no pin code, is there a way to still use the page without a pind code? | Owner Response: Yes, just use the challenge URL as the pin!

Tue Jun 30 2020
Bec - m

Thanks for ruining what was a fun activity for students. Try and use your intelligence for things that make the world a better place. Maybe take an ethics course. | Owner Response: Sorry if this is ruining any classroom activities. You might want to look into Kahoot Antibot to block this?

Wed Jun 24 2020
bruh - it lit

my guy you are evil ( what the max points you can get per answers). THX you

Thu Jun 18 2020
Fabricio - internet

cuando lo vayan a ejecutar pongan que no a que le den permiso a sus redes domesticas porque te malogra la pc

Wed Jun 17 2020
Pablo - shit

this isn't working every question is failed

Wed Jun 17 2020
f - f

que confihguracion tengo queponr para tener todo bien?

Wed Jun 17 2020
**** - Oh shit

**** things these is a bully shit. ****, It do not show me the answer!

Tue Jun 16 2020
sonic - its cool

i like the thing that you can hide the settings and make it look like a normal kahoot

Mon Jun 15 2020
Cooper - Its not working

Hi im friends with the creator Sam but can you plz help bc it just keeps reconnecting

Wed Jun 10 2020
theusaf - Answering more questions

@adam re:Answers:There is a setting called "purposely fail" for this. @aNTHonySorry about that, its a memory issue and I am trying to fix it.

Wed Jun 10 2020
aNTHony - dont use it

this shit crash everytime

Wed Jun 10 2020
Sofcat - HI

Love this shittt

Tue Jun 09 2020
Adam - Answers

Is it any possible way to make it stop getting ALL the correct answers? to make it look more legit.

Tue Jun 09 2020
Bhar - How to win in kahoot

the bot is getting nearly all answers wrong. what am i doing incorrectly in the settings. I was practicing with just one player to check it

Tue Jun 09 2020
ur lover - thanks

ur a f***ing beast

Mon Jun 08 2020
UrMum - UI

Please make the UI nicer

Sun Jun 07 2020
theusaf - re:hide

@cxts, You can do ctrl+j to make it look like Kahoot. It also automatically enables manual control and hide correct. Do ctrl+j again to disable hide correct and stop hiding the settings and stuff.

Fri Jun 05 2020
Orio - ****

this is a shit

Fri Jun 05 2020
cxts - hide

is there any way to hide the added stuff in menu ? to make it look like a legit kahoot?

Fri Jun 05 2020
Acorde17 - .

Hey, this is actually god!

Fri Jun 05 2020

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